Hi, my name is Christian Behrens. I build digital products, user interfaces and data visualizations. Based in Berlin Singapore, I work at interaction design studio MING Labs.
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I’m an interface designer with a special interest in web applications and data visualizations, currently based in Singapore. Here I work for interaction design firm MING Labs, which I am a proud part of from the very beginning.

In my job, I’m walking on the fine line between design and development while leading teams, talking to clients and helping to set up entire offices (I never thought this would become a repeating task). In a nutshell, I like to get stuff done, and I’m convinced I landed in the most exciting industry at exactly the right time.

If you want to know more about me, check out my projects and writings, read my bio or follow my rather infrequent outbursts on Twitter.

Apart from that, I’m always up for a coffee – just drop me a line!